the candy colored studio of oil painter katrina berg

life is sweeter in candy color!

join oil painter, katrina berg, in her midway, utah studio, where she'll serve up a palette of support, hope and love, with a side of realness! a mother of 5 (including 4 year old twins), katrina knows that life is rarely easy and jolly...but savoring the sweet moments gives us the strength we need to find peace, growth, and fulfillment along our journey. {}

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    france: 1st week in the countryside

    Katrina and her family reflect on their first week abroad in paris & then the gasconne & aquitaine areas in the south of france.

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    so you want to make art!

    Katrina shares 12 things you can do to get started on your artist journey.

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    kara aina: give yourself permission!

    An interview with artist and art teacher Kara Aina. Kara shares her art journey and lessons learned from the challenge of teaching full-time, mothering, and art making.

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    creating space for your passions

    No matter our passions, we need spaces to pursue those passions! How moving Katrina's art studio into the Great room or Living Room is creating better "away" rooms for the entire family of 7 from adults to kiddos.

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    kiddos in the studio: my studio assistants

    Katrina shares ways her 5 kiddos ages 13 to 4 help in her art studio. She also talks about some of the latest in their midway home...upcoming excitement for 2 hour church, and podcast episodes in 2019.

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    opportunities & constraints - learning from my daughter

    When a simmer of a situation starts to boil...we've all been there!...Katrina talks about how a sticky situation bought back memories from her childhood & adult life and turned into a great discussion with her Taking an inventory to determine opportunities & constraints and knowing when to seek after the ideal and when to look for opportunities create something new with those things around us.

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